Web Design October 24, 2021

Breakdown of a landing page with links I built for Wiz of Ecom

Hello Utopians

I this article, I’ll talk about the landing I built for Wiz of Ecom and his personal brand

the twitter profile of the owner of the landing page

Before I built this for him, he was using linktree like most of the people from the internet do

I won’t talk about how bad linktree is for promoting your product because I already did that in a previous article

Before I show you exactly how I built his new landing page, here is what he said about it:

tweet testimonail from the actual owner of the website

Here is exactly how I built this landing page:

1. Choosing the background

I don’t like to use a background image for these types of landing pages so I usually go for a color that represents the brand of my client

After looking for a bit at Wiz’s profile I decided to choose black as the background color

And as you can see it looks really good combined with the white card

2. Main content section

After that, I create a main section that contains all the info

I decided to make it smaller and centered because it looks better on mobile too

I also added some shadows around the margin to make it stand out

3. Buttons colors

For these I also went for a color Wiz is already using for his brand which is a combination of orange and brown

Besides that, I used green for his affiliate links because this is something he was doing on his previous landing page too

Also, another important thing I did was change the color of the buttons when the user hover over them

This is extremely important because you want to make the button feel like one and a simple animation like this gets the job done perfectly

4. The first section

For the first section, I added a profile image, a short bio, and a small button that redirects the user to the next section

5. The following section

For the next sections, I tried to create some kind of rule where I:

- Add the title of the product/link that I’m talking about
- Add a small description of the product
- Add a button that redirects the user to the certain product/link

Other important mentions:

Between each section, I added a divider to make it easier for the users to go through the page

At the end of the landing page, I added a button that redirects them back to the top of the page

That's all!

That’s it for this article!

If you need help with your landing page feel free to reach out to me! I’m always happy to help!