Web Design October 26, 2021

Breakdown of a landing page for a paid community

Hello Utopians

In this article, I want to talk about a landing page I built for Writing to Riches paid community

the twitter account of the landing page's owner

Before I built this landing page for him, he was using just Gumroad’s landing page:

a normal gumroad landing page

I already wrote an article about how bad that is in a previous article (you can read it here)

Now, let me show you exactly how I built this landing page:

1. The first section

the first section from a custom landing page

This is one of the most important sections from a landing page

That’s why I decided to make it easy for the customers to join the community right after they arrive on the landing page

Adding a call to action button in the first section is a must

Besides that, I also added a big header with his promise + a smaller one with a sense of urgency

I also choose a black background for this section to make it stand out from the other ones which have a white background

2. The next sections

part of a custom landing page

The next sections look almost the same but all of them are meant to convert the viewer into a buyer

These talk a lot about the benefits + the features of the product

I made the main heading red to match the call to action buttons and stand out

Also, I added some bold sentences/words and images to make it easier for the users to digest the content

Then for the testimonials sections, I did something different

section with testimonials from a landing page

Because my client has a lot of testimonials listed on the landing page I decided to add them in a library instead of adding them one below another

This way I don’t annoy the user that much (not everyone wants to scroll through 10+ images)

Besides that, I also added a few more call to action buttons in between these sections

section from a custom landing page

Don’t expect the users to buy only after they reach the end of your landing page

Allow them to buy faster if they are already convinced too

3. The last section

the last section from a custom landing page

This is another really important section

That’s why I choose to make it similar to the first one (with a black background and white text color)

This section should be the one that makes the user decide if he/she wants to buy so I kept the best part of the copy and used it here

Other important mentions:

To make it easier for the user to buy I embedded the product on the page as I explained in this article

That's all!

That’s it for this article!

If you need help with your landing page feel free to reach out to me! I’m always happy to help!