Web Design October 15, 2021

Stop using Gumroad's landing page to sell your products do this instead

Gumroad is maybe one of the best platforms to sell your courses (especially for Twitter) It has a lot of advantages

But also one huge disadvantage

And that is the landing page


Let me show you

This is how a normal Gumroad landing page looks like:

a Gumroad landing page

But why is this bad?

1. When someone first comes on your product’s landing page all they see is the price, the title, a cover photo, one button, and a bunch of text

2. If you have a big copy no one will have the patience to read it because you can’t make it more exciting through design. It will feel like reading an article

3. If you keep scrolling the only call to action button you have on your landing page will disappear so the viewer won’t be able to buy your product unless they scroll back up

4. You can’t make parts of your copy really stand out (making the text a specific color for example)

5. You can’t make it personal

These are the biggest disadvantages of a Gumroad landing page

But what can you do to solve these and increase your conversion rate?

The answer is simple.

Use a custom course landing page

This is how a custom course landing page would look like

a custom landing page made for a Gumroad product

So, why is this custom landing page better?

1. You can add multiple call to action buttons across the page

2. You can make it more personal so it stands out

3. You can make the copy more pleasing to read by diving it into multiple sections and formatting it the way you want

4. You can embed your Gumroad product and redirect the buyer directly to the checkout

That's all

As you can see a custom landing page is more versatile and can easily boost your conversion rate

Just think about this

If you can add more call to action buttons to your page it will be easier for the users to buy This alone can double your conversion rate

And to be fair I never saw someone who built a custom landing page and didn’t immediately double their conversion rate

In conclusion, if you’re still using Gumroad’s landing page you’re leaving money on the table

That's it for this articles!

Hope you found it useful and if you have any questions feel free to reach out to me. I'm always happy to help!