Web Design October 10, 2021

Stop using Linktree! Do this instead

We all know what Linktree is

Most of us used (or use) it to share all of our links in one place

And it's great for that

But what Linktree is not the best at is conversion rate (and we all care about the conversion rate right?)

So, why Linktree's conversion rate is not the best?

Let's go over some of the reasons:

1. All Linktree pages look the same

example of a Linktree page
example of a linktree page

Both of them look almost the same, right?

Of course, you can change the background and buttons color but that won't change the user's feeling

If you want to get more sales/link clicks, you need to stand out. And you can't do that with a Linktree page

2. The user has no idea what the links are about

On Linktree you can only add a button with a piece of text and a link

You can't really explain what the product is about and most people won't click a link if they don't understand what it is about

3. You are limited

On Linktree you can't see all the analytics (the link clicks, page views, and all that)

Sure you can pay $6/month but the stats they give you are nowhere near the ones from Google Analytics for example

So what is the solution?

A custom website

Yes, with a custom website/landing page built with something like Carrd you can solve all of the problems Linktree has


Well with a custom landing page you can:

1. Customize your page and make it stand out

2. Add a short description of what that product is about

3. Add Google Analytics and have more control over the website overall

Here is an example of how a custom website would look like:

a custom links landing pages

That's it for this article!

Hope you found it useful and if you have any questions feel free to reach out to me. I'm always happy to help!